Martial Arts Styles

Taekwondo / Kickboxing

Taekwondo is the art of powerful standing kicking and punching, striking with the foot and hand (similar to muay thai). Kickboxing is very similar, combining boxing with bare foot kicking. Learn the proper technique for stances, kicks and punches, while increasing your cardio, flexibility, accuracy and speed as you progress.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu / MMA

Jiu-Jitsu is the art of submission and ground work (similar to wrestling). It focuses mostly on grappling and ground fighting, utilizing the proper technique to obtain dominant control on the ground. This is done by using the other person’s weight against them, gaining leverage and the ability to use strikes and submission holds. MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is the combination of various martial arts styles, including combat sports like boxing and wrestling, with traditional standing striking martial arts, such as taekwondo.

Hapkido / Judo

Hapkido is a form of self-defense that uses pressure points, joint locks, and take downs.

Special Classes / Groups

Ascension Martial Arts will tailor a program for you for small or large groups. You can attend our school or have us come to you. Whether Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, daycare, school or workplace, programs provide self-defense, fitness and fun! With our guidance you will learn proper methods of stretching, exercising, self-defense and martial arts techniques. Call us today for programming specifics.

Kid’s Martial Arts


Teach your children confidence, discipline and give them the foundation needed to grow into the best adults they can be.

Little Dragons (age 4-6)

Our Little Dragons class primarily focuses on the structure, etiquette and discipline of being in a group setting. Learning to work with others, focus and individual responsibility are key components, along with having fun while learning. The techniques of kicking and punching are not forgotten, but the other components must come first in order to create a safe, structured, enjoyable working environment.

Dragons (age 7-12)

With the fundamentals already in place, the Dragons have more emphasis on etiquette, focus, understanding and remembering. They begin to make practice a habit, building strength both mentally and physically, building self-esteem and gaining confidence. They become true mentors of our school.

Adult Martial Arts

Jr’s / Adults

Improve your endurance, strength, flexibility, speed, coordination, balance and lower your overall stress level. Adult classes are offered multiple times per week depending upon your skill level.


Nothing is better than learning and growing as a family. We are a family oriented school, where parents can take an active role in their child’s training by training with them. Have fun together and get a great workout!

Kickbox Fitness

Kickbox Fitness is a hard-hitting workout designed to increase your aerobic and strength levels thru basic martial arts techniques. Our instructors utilize punching bags and other martial arts equipment to maximize cardiovascular and muscular strength building, increase your balance and give you a full body workout.

Master’s Club

While achieving a Black Belt is a reflection of the student’s dedication and commitment to their training, themselves and the martial arts, it is just the beginning. Black Belt is where the student begins to apply all that he/she has learned. The Master’s Club was established for all students who have attained black belt and are working toward degree belts. This specialized class not only focuses on advanced kicking and punching, but also learning to assist in class, the proper way to hold targets and teach techniques, as well as teaching values and life skills to others (i.e. keeping grades up or how to deal with bullying). We cultivate the Master’s Club students to become educated instructors, as well as perform demonstrations in the community, at schools, at tournaments and testings. They learn how to promote our school at community and health fairs, and give helpful information to those who are interested in our school. It is our expectation that the Master’s Club will be true leaders in and outside of class by building character and strength in their training.